Christmas in July

Linda Meredith

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Christmas in July!

Have you heard of Christmas in July?

Have you ever had the joy of attending a Christmas in July dinner?
In Australia the traditional Christmas period is HOT as our season of connection and celebration is Summer.
In order to have a cold Christmas connection and celebration some of us go out for dinner on the 25th July. It's great to gather with friends in the cool and have warm food, traditional and non traditional desserts with the odd inspired beverage from overseas that we don't normally have during our celebrations due to the heat.
The last thing we want to do on a hot Summers day is spend time in a hot kitchen cooking! So we do a lot of salads, cold meats, seafood and some of us pre prepare a roast or two the night before, surrounded in air conditioning.

You're invited...

You're invited to Connect and Celebrate Christimas in July with your global Complex Trauma Family with the following HOT information and CPtsd Recovery tools

Finally technology caught up with our educational needs for an easy to navigate platform for all our educational courses, coaching and certification needs.

I’ve been SO excited to reach out to you about this NEW option. Every single course for the certification has a payment plan available. The Thriver Resource Library has a one and done lifetime payment plan plus extra options for subscriptions - remember to check with your accountant as these resources may well be a tax deduction depending on where you live.
My only goal has always been to make complex trauma education affordable to as many people as possible because I've been there. I've lived through that situation of being on benefits and needing quality education when it just wasn't available. 
You can check out the courses and on their payment pages will be the option for payment plans. The Thriver Resource Library has it's options on the front page, click on the first button for the drop down menu to see it's options.

To continue the celebrations..

New Release: Core unit 7 Trauma and Identity

PLUS oodles of new releases in the Thriver Resource Library

Don't get stuck for questions with our brand new question banksIncluded in this release: Healthy Boundaries, Abandonment Recovery, Anxious Attachment, Avoidant Attachment, Anxious Avoidant Attachment, Secure Attachment PLUS pages for journal responses when sharing with clients for their homework.

New Library Section: Teen Mental Health

Plus wait, there's more...

New Releases into the Thriver Resource Library includes the following ebooks -  
  • Developing Communication Skills
  • Survivors guilt plus how to coach a client with survivors guilt
  • Grief Relief Journal - This beautiful journal takes clients through a heart felt journey, building them up in their time of grief in a way they can feel comfortable to share their travels through the emotions.
  • Compassion Fatigue for CPtsd Coaches
  • Breaking Free, recognising the cycle of power and control journal
  • Question Bank - Teenagers
  • CPtsd Relational Rupture and Repair
  • Stress - More painful than stepping on a lego
  • Zones of Regulation - Alternative to the Emotions wheel

It can definitely be a challenge to know where to begin. Especially when Complex Ptsd triggers fear when we go to do something new. Break it down, just take one next step, and inside the Thriver Resource Library you'll discover an abundance of resources to help you choose what is your one next step in your personal recovery. Our coaches using the Resource Library are finding out how much time they save for their clients homework resources too. 
Enjoy celebrating our feast of options for continued complex trauma education and I'll see you in the next edition.
with care, 
xo, Linda
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