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Healing from Complex Psd and the International Complex Trauma Association are committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning material to Online Coaches & Mental health Professionals for effective complex trauma recovery. We are dedicated in write, teach and develop quality products and services for a Global audience seeking practical solutions to Complex Trauma. 


I'm Linda, 

A mother, coach and educator, with lived experience and formal education in Complex Trauma recovery. My ongoing mission is to make effective education and support for healing from complex trauma available to everyone who stands in need.
Healing from Complex Ptsd
International Complex Trauma Association

My Goals for Generational Change

he Silence Has to Cease.

The silence in families where we don’t communicate beyond the surface, the external of our lives, has to be broken.

We need to be the generation who consciously choose to break free of the unconscious trauma handed down for many generations. It’s an Intentional Choice.

We are the first generation with the language and science to begin to break free. Our intentional choices will need to include recognising the non-verbal rules in our families. To own we are only valued and included if we keep silent about the unhealthy family dynamics and how we are treated.

We, the brave, begin this process in our family systems to ensure the children and the children’s children have good health, greater personal autonomy, careers they enjoy and personal relationships that build into their lives as they also build into the lives of others.

We are making a conscious decision to stop handing on the toxic stress.

Without action now, we will see an ongoing mental health crisis worldwide – for many generations to come.

I invite you to join me on the mission to create lasting change, by breaking the harmful patterns of intergenerational trauma
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Professional Bio 

Linda Meredith is
  • the founder of Healing from Complex Ptsd
  • owner of the world’s first Complex Ptsd Resources Thriver Membership
  • Australia’s 1st Certified Trauma Recovery Coach/Supervisor
  • The world’s 1st Advanced NPE Trauma Recovery Coach,
  • CEO of the International Complex Trauma Association 
  • Developing the world’s first Complex Trauma Certified experiential program.

Passionate, Innovative and effective in the Complex Trauma Recovery field, Linda coaches individuals globally for Complex Trauma, provides professional supervision and business coaching, gives international seminars to hundreds from her desktop and spends her spare time developing effective new products for complex ptsd recovery, based on the latest in Neuroscience, Psychology & Soul.

Linda shares healthy relationships with her 3 adult children Joshua, Chloe and Nicholas, and her gorgeous granddaughter Rose. Unless Linda out having coffee or seeing a movie with her besties her rescued Manx Sylvan is never far from her side. She can also be found exercising, reading, bowling, playing putt putt golf or watching the latest legal show online.
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Linda was a Featured Speaker on Finding the Beauty within Tragedy Summit

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Linda appeared on DearFutureWifey Podcast Live

Why ACTO and not ICF?

International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches
The ICF is a coaching organization that upholds a set of core competencies, competencies which set a clear path for how accredited programs teach coaches. They are not designed to support any type of coaching that varies from their model and competencies. In that way, their focus is on ensuring conformation to their methods rather than a coaching program's effectiveness or impact because they believe their way forward is the best way.

If we were to conform to the ICF's methods and competencies we would be limited in our capacity to help trauma survivors. Doing so would essentially gut our program of it's most effective and beneficial components. For this reason we have neither sought, nor will seek, ICF accreditation.

The International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching does not conform to the ICF's model of coaching. We are not coaches who work with trauma survivors. We are trauma professionals who use the modality to coach to help trauma survivors build a life they love to live.
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