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Please note with care: All reviews are from genuine individuals around the world and not all individuals are able to share with you their real name. Until mental health challenges are accepted as valid health conditions in every family globally we choose to honour their decision to remain private and give thanks they felt comfortable enough to share their personal experience.
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Reviews from Certification Students

"Linda Meredith is a powerhouse when it comes to bringing research and information together to help us understand complex trauma. More importantly, she breaks things down in a way that is easily accessible with a program that is uber flexible. What that means is that I can take as little time or as much time as I need, depending on the topic and how I engage with it. The homework isn't about regurgitating information or memorizing terminology, but rather how we can embody the knowledge while healing from complex trauma ourselves. In that way, I get ah ha moments about how what I learn can support clients. An incredibly generous professional who has learned so many things about business the hard way, Linda prolifically creates beautiful templates, workbooks, and packettes of information to make it easier for new coaches to run their business. It's as if she deeply desires for each and every person to succeed as they go out there to support their clients in complex trauma recovery. I feel as though I have Linda 24/7 in my back pocket encouraging me, checking in with me, and supporting me to do what I need to do for my clients. Linda Meredith is a gift to the world and this one-of-a-kind complex trauma certificate program is exactly what I need at this point in my life. Thanks Linda for what you do!"
Sherry Yuan Hunter
CEO Sandwich Parenting
"I don’t know if anyone else can resonate, but I’m so hungry for more critical information to better serve my coaching clients that I simply cannot get enough of the material Linda creates! The Complex PTSD survivors around the world are so fortunate to have someone as amazing as Linda Meredith creating courses for helping professionals! The depth of the content and the support this course offers is PHENOMENAL! If you haven’t started taking the course and you are on the fence, I would HIGHLY recommend you take the leap and sign up!"
Candace Alley

Our students love us

"Amazing course. Amazing teacher. Thanks Linda"
Deidre Oliver
"You are a true inspiration to me and your work has been so impactful on my life, my family members lives, and the lives of my CPTSD Recovery Clients. Thank you for everything you do!" 
Nick F
"It's great material and I am learning so much. Complex PTSD was the missing piece for me in my recovery journey. It really is mind blowing how the brain works. I know I can help others and that is my goal. Thank you for putting together this fantastic certification program. It is so needed!"
"I extend my congratulations to you. I've just experienced module 1 video, book recommendations and infographics, you've designed such a wonderful training. Thank you for all of your love and energy making this training possible. "🙏An incredibly generous professional who has learned so many things about business the hard way, Linda prolifically creates beautiful templates, workbooks, and packettes of information to make it easier for new coaches to run their business. It's as if she deeply desires for each and every person to succeed as they go out there to support their clients in complex trauma recovery. I feel as though I have Linda 24/7 in my back pocket encouraging me, checking in with me, and supporting me to do what I need to do for my clients. Linda Meredith is a gift to the world and this one-of-a-kind complex trauma certificate program is exactly what I need at this point in my life. Thanks Linda for what you do!".
Viana Mora

Reviews from Coaching Clients

A little over a year and a half, following a series of unfortunate events in my life, I had reached a low point. I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained. I had been in and out of therapy for over 20 years. I was seeing a very nice therapist, but did not feel I was growing in a positive direction. As a psychologist myself, I was perplexed on why I was going consistently to therapy but not feeling any progress. Thank God I found Linda! Over the past year and a half, Linda has helped me experience growth that for me was unimaginable. Her knowledge of trauma and trauma recovery is amazing! In a loving and compassionate manner, she has taught me helpful tools and strategies to manage my trauma symptoms. Linda always respects my point of view and beliefs without judgement. Most importantly, Linda made me feel heard, seen understood and cared for. Further, her sessions are a good value for the money. The hours I've spent working with Linda have been the most valuable of my life. Not only did we form a trusting, patient relationship, but she has helped and continues to help me slowly understand what had happened to me. After a year and half of work I now feel equipped to do things differently. It's been the most liberating and empowering experience and I've learned things that will stay with me forever. Thank you Linda! 
Lisa Armele. Ed.S, MA., CAS.
Florida, USA
Before connecting with you to start this journey of recovery, I was not able to identify patterns of behavior that triggered my CPtsd  A year before that I had never heard of CPtsd .  I am now at a place where even when I was going through a significant mood swing, I was able to see the behavior clearly and deal with it in a productive manner.  I have you to thank for that because without you helping me stick to a plan I think I would be in the same place I was before, which is reacting from trauma.  I certainly never saw such changes during any of the work I did in therapy - they didn't connect my issues with trauma so they weren't able to provide the right course of action.  You put me in touch with the right resources to get me the results I needed to really see changes that I thought might be impossible.Thank you so much!
Nevada, USA
When I met Linda, I had been in a state of disassociation and freeze from a huge burnout for many months, desperate and concerned that a broken me was going to be permanent. I felt very little hope for my future and a great deal of fear for the financial situation of my family. Linda ‘hired’ me as a moderator for her Facebook Community Healing from Complex Ptsd Group and embraced me as a ‘direct report’, providing me with a safe, low-risk way to rebuild my executive functions in a ‘work-like’ environment with trauma-trained bosses. These were skills that I thought I had lost forever. She encouraged my growth and healing in a way that I had been unconsciously craving. She understood when I was stuck, if I needed encouragement, and how to “rupture and repair.” She role models what it means to maintain boundaries when it’s difficult (as often is for people healing from complex trauma). Showing me what collaboration can be like, she not only appreciates what I do, but helps me be better without triggering my trauma responses. Gentle and firm, thoughtful and generous, Linda is brilliant when it comes to seeing the potential of something or someone. She can identify where a concept needs more information or breakdown or structure. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the healing process and has a way of normalizing overwhelm or distress. A huge contrast from people who are not trauma-trained; when they try to ‘comfort’ us, it can feel very much like gaslighting or repression. Linda helped jump start my healing process big time. With her encouragement, coaching and mentorship this past year, I’ve become a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach working with clients around the world! Thank you Linda, for who you are and what you are doing for our world. Thank you for inviting me into this community and for supporting my healing and growth. I have found myself again.
Sherry Yuan Hunter, MEd, CTRC
Ontario, Canada
One-on-one coaching with Linda has been quite remarkable in helping me manage my CPTSD triggers and symptoms. Linda is well qualified in her field and a most compassionate helper. I am so pleased with the results of our sessions. My anxiety has lessened considerably. I know what to do when I feel off balance now. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment if you wish to find answers and tools for recovery. A big thank you Linda, for the important work you are doing to bring awareness and healing to those of us who have been in pain for years.
Tennessee, USA
Thank you so much for posting, I’ve learned more from 25 minutes of this woman than all the years of therapy that I’ve had combined, since diagnosis. I went through a 6 week program on PTSD, did nothing. No, that’s not true, it confused me even more. Made it worse in a way. I am obsessed enough about my recovery that I was able to maintain my attention until the end and understand what you were saying! (I also suffer ADHD). I have no doubts my recovery will be going a lot faster now because of you! I’ve saved your video and plan to watch it a few more times. Your analogies were perfect in explanation, for me. So, thank you again.”
Pennsylvania, USA
Linda I have to tell you I have been in Complex PTSD therapy and an intensive therapy like hospital IOP which in the States is intensive outpatient. I always refuse to go inpatient because my colleagues would know I was there as I was a high level nurse in the hospital and everyone knew me. When I was working and everything was hidden away in my brain from my childhood I was making way over six figures and I spent over $20,000 out of pocket back then trying to get the best help I could but it didn’t work. That was in addition to my insurance which was high level. I have been in therapy for over 20 years and I have to tell you…you are the first person who has given me hope… For a normal life and being triggered is not the end of the world. I wanted to thank you for all you do. I am so blessed to have met you because you’ve really helped me. I am slowly becoming the person I always hoped I could be. Much love and heartfelt appreciation.
D. Morrison RN PHD,
Connecticut, USA
I was in another recovery program for 37 years. I was diagnosed with cptsd last year. I joined this group the beginning part of this year. Well, it has turned out to be just what I needed to open the door for me to finally heal. I soon found out I had joined a group created by a woman who was determined to fight for her life in spite of the obstacles she had to overcome. I not only joined the group but I joined the Trauma Informed Movement program Again, I was unaware that this program would not only change me from the inside out but it would change how I lived and navigated my entire life. I continued watching Linda do the work and share her struggles and accomplishments that motivated me to do the same. Before long I began changing in ways I never thought possible. It wasn’t easy and I had a lot of work to do to get the results I was a witness to everyday. Thank you Linda.
Diana Zinz
San Francisco, USA


Before I met Linda my life was at such a low point. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I had tried Therapists and it was like being on a Merry-Go-Round. Nothing was changing so I refused to go anymore. I was on a wait list for DBT but my Mum found Linda and after working with her my life is now happy, bright and I enjoy every day.I went from being anxious and depressed alone at home, to joining a local choir, joining the St. John Ambulance to train for helping at Concerts, being able to help my mum at home and best of all I now have a beautiful relationship.Thank you so much Linda! You truly were sent into my life by God! I will forever be thankful to you!
Bangor, Ireland
Today I got triggered. AND, thanks to Linda Meredith‘s amazing course I was able to get a huge understanding of what I’m going through and deal with it so that my negative feelings don’t linger much longer. This awareness is priceless. She is a solid coach and I highly recommend her courses and one on one coaching to whoever wants to deal with their challenge.Truly; thank you Linda.
Bangkok, Thailand
Yours is an entirely new concept specifically designed for CPtsd. It also shows me logically how I am the master of my life. That I have the power to create my own road map of recovery to remission. The process is structured and manageable. It gives me strength and confidence knowing I am the master of my life. Thank you for choosing to share all that you do and are with us.
California, USA
Having spent between 8 – 10 years living and working out of my bedroom (my business is online) and finding myself overwhelmed with anxiety and depression I was lonely and miserable. I had no social life, no friends apart from work colleagues, and leaving my bedroom was almost impossible. Within 8 weeks working with Linda 80% of my depression had gone, I attended my first solo social event, and made a friend.”
Florida, USA
“Linda is not only patient and caring but she approaches the whole mental health with grace. She makes you feel validated, that you have worth. I wish I had her when I was a teen because she’s exactly who I’ve been looking for my entire life to reach out to. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for help. She helps find resources for you as well, which is huge. Know that you are not alone.
Ontario, Canada
Linda is an excellent trauma recovery coach and she will have you feeling better after you talk with her. Her understanding of Complex Trauma and strategies have me now enjoying my life, I have less triggers, and I’m achieving my dreams of study anxiety free.
London, England
Thank you for being the incredible human you are by helping others the way you do! I couldn’t have got through the last year without your pages to guide me and help me understand trauma responses. You’re an earth angel.
Plymouth, Canada
Linda is such an inspirational lady. She has helped my daughter who has Complex PTSD so much and she is truly on the road to recovery. I wholeheartedly recommend Linda as not only does she do trauma Coaching as a job but has also journey this road herself and she “totally gets it” (understands the road ahead). Thank you Linda 
Bangor, Ireland
“Linda is absolutely brilliant!! She helps you look at what is going on in your life from a viewpoint that makes you realize you can tackle the issue at hand. She is always there to lend an ear and give positive feedback. She is a true asset to all of those that have come to know her.”
New Jersey, USA
“Linda is a fantastic person and easy to talk to and the others in the group are gorgeous people. So if you ever feel you need to talk to someone this is the place to go and there is no judgement whatsoever so please don’t hesitate.”
VIC, Australia
“Linda is a wonderful person who knows what she is doing. When I first started my journey with her two and half years ago I was so crippled with anxiety and fear and unable to leave my house alone. Just to even step out onto the porch I was crippled with fear and having anxiety attacks. Now I am able to do almost anything I want and even though I still have some anxiety I know how to cope with it. Linda has given me the tools and strategies and more importantly has taught me to believe that I can do anything I want to do. Linda has and is always there for me and she will be there for you too.”
Illinois, USA
“Linda is great at challenging me to stretch and grow. This year I have done some driving trips in spite of anxiety and really benefited from overcoming. She has good insights as to what our subconscious mind is dealing with and is a great encourager.”
N.S.W., Australia
“I live in Illinois, USA and I have been in contact with Linda as a therapist via Zoom for three weeks now and she is wonderful. I would have never dreamed of finding someone literally clear across the other side of the globe from me, but I have, and it has been so great. I can honestly say that I feel better after talking with Linda. Keep doing a great job and being the wonderful person you are.”
Illinois, USA

Reviews from Social Media

“I just wanted to reach out to you and express how thankful I am that I’ve come across your page. Since the night that I first reached out to you, I have been reading your posts, watching your YouTube page and saving many of the things you’ve shared. Within this small amount of time it’s already impacted me greatly and given me hope. My husband is learning with me and I think it’s really going to improve our understanding of one another and our communication skills. We’ve been married for almost 20 years now and there’s always been this odd little barrier wall in our communication. I suffer from cptsd while he suffers from first responder ptsd (firefighter). So we both have trauma but totally different forms. Thank you for the work that you do and the dedication to helping others. You’re truly making a remarkable difference in the world. The voice that so many of us needed to hear. ❤️.”
private account
“You are the first person in FIVE years that I've seen that actually "teaches" how to understand trauma BUT you do it with hope and understanding. You can learn why you behave like you do, or your family, spouse, children, etc. Reading pages like yours, led me to believe that if we understood our trauma, we could learn to change our behavior. I read an article about signs of low self esteem in a man. Wow, my husband was in black and white. I had him read it and tears just flowed out of him! He wasn't a bad man, he was traumatized by an abusive, alcoholic step father with huge resentment towards his mother who allowed it. That was spilling off into our marriage. Your page is teaching. Understanding where these behaviors are coming from. You are not telling everyone to just walk away. At least educate yourself about your brain, trauma and then do some work. I hope my post gives hope to those traumatized by betrayal and adultery. If you can find a counselor like Linda, you have a great chance to overcome your trauma. Years of hard work! Thank you Linda for being you. You are a blessing.”
Vicki Elliot
“When i first listened to one of these videos a few months back, it didn’t resonate, but I felt something about your experience & heroic kindness was “sent.” A video would pop up & there was a gravitational-like pull, as when it feels God is directing me. Now I feel such relief & peace-healing in each video I hear. It’s like a good cup of tea when cold, a childhood friend, a Rumi poem, a sunshine patch in the forest, spring water when thirsty…I cannot thank you enough! “I had only looked around at youtube, & this was 2 years ago. Also some things on “the family scapegoat” that are helpful. You & Lisa Romano & Les Carter are among the really good resources for getting one’s own life & freedom back.”
Liza Field
“This is the best one yet, of many great presentations you’ve offered. God has tapped a spiritual diamond mine in you, & the whole world of stressed, exhausted & dispirited humans gets the benefit & good medicine of truth, kindness, mercy, laughter & joy. More people need to see these, but each one they do reach will send the effect out to many others. Bless you!”
Heather H
Linda, I’m learning through your sharing personal and professional information on Complex trauma. Thanks to watching you this morning (March 29, 9.50 am), I’ve been able to really connect to my and my mom’s past and I’ve made such a huge understanding of my personal default mode … this knowledge is helping me heal at such a deep level. I am also so happy to be living with my elderly open minded mother. Eager to share your recent videos with her and my soul sister…
Carole L
“The first YouTube video I saw of yours covered Pete Walker’s, “Surviving to Thriving” and after listening for a few minutes, I was really moved by how honest you were about yourself! Your having that willingness to make yourself vulnerable- that, to me, is a characteristic that is so invaluable! People can present all their facts and research and methods but they can’t replace real, genuine concern for someone else’s wellbeing. I thought, “Here is someone who’s truly living out Genesis 50:20!” How awesome it is to actually witness someone doing this! So thank you for your magnanimity and your altruistic personality! You really do make such a great difference in my life and others, as well!”

“Your videos have been very insightful and helpful to me. Thank you so much Linda for all the helpful advice and suggestions that you give out. I’m trying to implement bit by bit.” 
Suzy G
“This was so phenomenal I had to listen twice!😁 Very informative thank you!🤗” “This was so profound. I understand it may sound silly to some. However for me it was so validating. Sometimes it is so difficult to even remember to breathe, much less process the emotions. I’ve had to look back for answers I couldn’t find in the moment. I understand why and I’m gentle with myself. However listening to your clip I felt such a deep compassion and weird comfort that I’m not alone. Thank you for sharing and being so vulnerable. Sending love and gratitude.”

Aspasia H
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