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Our vision is to assist YOU to increase your professional effectiveness, to increase your joy at work and home and be ready to impact more lives throughout the world. You are needed in this industry.

#1 Committed to our Customers

"Focused on your attention, interest, trust, and engagement, we encourage a deep commitment to your journey of self-improvement. Believe in the transformative process and, more importantly, believe in yourself. Your belief is the key to achieving the outcomes you desire."

#2 Committed with both heart and mind

"Our passion lies in both learning and teaching. We believe in embracing the whole self in your work and studies, inspiring you to grow, evolve, and strengthen your self-confidence. Join us on this journey to learn, change, and become your best self."

#3 Responsibility and Accountability

"Accountability means owning the outcomes. It's about understanding the goals clearly and proactively doing whatever is necessary to achieve the desired results."

Why not take the reins of your career?
Embrace the opportunity to propel yourself forward and create the future you've always envisioned.

everyone is different

Meet Our Exceptional Worldwide Team

Linda Meredith

Brisbane, Australia
CEO HEaling from Complex Ptsd
ICTA International Complex Trauma Assoc.

Charlotte Thigpen

Chicago, Illinois
Personal Assistant to Linda
Facebook Group Director

Healing Faith

Chicago, Illinois
Facebook Group Admissions
Facebook Group Team

Sherry Yuan Hunter

Toronto, Canada
Founder and Coach, Sandwich Parenting
Course Creator & CoCreator with Linda

Bek Brown

Brisbane, Australia
Token Bookkeeping
The dollars and sense for a global business

Julian Caruana CA

Brisbane, Australia
Triforce Accounting & Advisory Pty Ltd
The Accountant with a passion

Eamon M.

Denpasar, Bali
Copywriter | Medical Writer | B2B SaaS | Mental Health | Healthtech

Joshua James

Brisbane, Australia
Thriver  Resource Library Assistant
Trauma Coach in Training


Complex Trauma / childhood developmental trauma statistics


Adults with 1 ACE


Adults with 1 - 3 Aces


Adults with 4 + Aces


will attempt suicide


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