Empower Your Healing Journey: Navigating Trauma with Confidence and Clarity"

Unlock Your Path to Recovery with Expert Insights, Essential Questions, and Value-Driven Decision Making

This essential resource equips you with the knowledge to discern the right therapeutic support, empowers you with strategic questions to ensure alignment, and guides you in leveraging your core values to navigate life's decisions more wisely and resiliently.
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Transformative Outcomes: Your Pathway to Self-Empowerment and Clarity

  •  Gain the confidence to navigate the complexities of cptsd recovery
  • Make informed choices with strategic questions for selecting your therapist or coach.
  • Align your healing journey with your core values for meaningful and lasting progress.
"Before discovering this guide, I felt lost in the sea of options and information about CPtsd recovery. This resource not only helped me gain the confidence to navigate my healing journey with clarity, but it also empowered me to choose a therapist who truly understands my needs. I now feel more aligned with my core values and equipped to make decisions that support my long-term wellness. It's been a game-changer for my recovery process."
Joanne Cooper
California, USA
"This guide has been an invaluable tool in my recovery from complex trauma. The questions to ask potential therapists or coaches were particularly eye-opening, helping me find someone who resonates with my approach to healing. Moreover, the emphasis on aligning decisions with my values has profoundly impacted my daily life, making my journey towards recovery not just about healing trauma, but also about rediscovering myself. I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone on a similar path."
Madison Kim
Our teacher

Meet the Author

Linda is a seasoned Counsellor & Certified Complex Trauma Professional with over 3 decades of experience in writing & teaching courses and engaging with clients for effective recovery. She is passionate about creating change for many generations to come, recognising that we are the first generation with the neuroscience to help lead the way.



Trauma Informed or Trauma Trained

Access video link and PowerPoint presentations to deepen your understanding of the crucial distinctions.


20 Questions

The Top 20 Questions You Must Ask a Coach or Therapist to Ensure They Are Trauma-Trained and a Good Fit for Your Healing Journey"


Discerning Values

Shift towards a more empowered, self-aware, and value-driven life, setting the foundation for lasting recovery and personal growth.

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