Unpacking Triggers

  • Sherry Yuan Hunter
  • Level: All
  • Study time: 12 hours
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Course overview
Welcome to Parenting with CPTSD! This course is designed for parents who are realizing that they have unresolved trauma that gets triggered when parenting under overwhelming stress.

Many of you may have already read a lot or taken courses and have an idea of what your parenting "should" look like. What can be super challenging for intelligent people is that you are so good at doing your research and learning new content (you are also probably a great problem-solver!); however, the struggle is real when it comes to triggers and temper tantrums. Theirs, ours, and ones we've had to repress when we were young. It can be very difficult to be parenting little ones, while reparenting ourselves. 

How This Course Works

This course can be self-paced (go at your own speed) or in conjunction with a group coaching program. There is no homework, just questions to ponder and seeds to plant. We know that you are already overwhelmed and probably wanting a way to 'fix' what's going on immediately.
The advantage to doing this on your own is having the flexibility to fit it into your life and sit with each topic at your own speed. The advantage of doing this with a group of likeminded peers in a group coaching setting is 1) leveraging the power of community in healing, 2) practicing creating a safe space to learn and grow, and 3) pausing and challenging concepts that might not work for you with others who understand what you are going through.
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Structure of Content


Unpacking triggers involves different aspects of experiencing it: intellectually (or cognitively), emotionally (or feelings), and somatically (or physically).
Unpacking triggers from a practical sense involves tools at different stages: Pre-Trigger, During Trigger, and After Trigger.

Why This, Why Now?

We often turn to the self-help industry to get us out of being stuck, but when their approach or app doesn't work for us, we feel like failures. They tell us that we have to get through the discomfort to grow, that we have to be brave to get to the other side. Which is ultimately true! But what they don't always understand is how much discomfort and pain we already deal with on a regular basis in order to survive. Due to the way we were wired, we often get triggered by overwhelm into survival mode coping mechanisms. Survival mode works well in short spurts and with lots of recovery time, but it isn't sustainable. So we have a lot of unlearning to do when we need to shift into regular (non-survival) mode.
So the goal of this course is to help with removing one layer of overwhelm so that we can start the journey of deeper healing. Many clients who have gone through this are able to continue their healing journey in various ways, depending on where they are in the journey and what their circumstances are. No judgment, we start where we start and we take one step at at time.
We will get there, let's heal together.
Meet the instructor

Sherry Yuan Hunter

After experiencing a full on breakdown due to prolonged stress and unprocessed trauma, I was forced to put my life on hold so I could focus on healing my nervous system and rewiring my brain.

Now a complex trauma recovery coach for parents and healers, I am passionate about helping clients around the world find peace with the past, hope for the future, and flow in the present. There is nothing wrong with you, you have legitimate reasons for feeling the overwhelm, and you are perfectly capable of building the future that you wish to live. Sometimes we just need a little help, a different perspective, and some practice.

My approach is very down-to-earth, customized, and practical. My clients work on one small thing at a time, creating subtle but deep shifts in their lives. We focus on sustainable and flexible approaches that positively impact their relationships with their children, partners, and parents.

Married, mother of two, I have had nearly 10 years of experience working in Asia and 20 years of management in a rigorous Canadian post-secondary institution, focused on student success and retention.
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