Complex Ptsd - 7 products I use to increase my health

Linda Meredith
During the course of my complex trauma recovery I've shared with you different products I use for different reasons. I've now added a couple of extra products and changed up some of what I've been using for either health or financial benefits.

Here's the latest updates for the products I use.

Video: 7 Products I'm Using to aid Recovery

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3 years ago I was looking to understand why no matter what I did I couldn't lose weight and came across how our trauma response hasn't turned off thereby we end up with an excess of cortisol.

I made this video Complex Trauma and the benefits of Ashwagandha and discovered after I went of the Ashwagandha just how it was helping me.

Ever since then I've remained taking the Ashwagandha and still feel it's of benefit to my health. I've changed brands to a less expensive one. This brand you can find in Australia at Chemist Warehouse.

Amazon has a similar one here

Remember: Do your research, know if natural products work for you or not, and give it time to work. I found with my complex trauma that I needed more than a regular dose, not much more, but more, to benefit from the product.
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When it came to the brain I was also using a product by Natural Stacks called Dopamine Supplement for focus, and it was great, just out of my budget price point as I was needing to order every month. Plus they sell it cheaper in America than Australia, and that was frustrating too.

I went searching and found 2 products with the same active ingredients with the same or higher potency plus they're therapeutic grade.

The first one is DL-Phenylalanine | 1000mg | 180 Capsules 

I take 2 of these each night. For me, in Australia, I have to wait for them to come from America, but after the first order it's been super quick.
The second one is DL-Phenylalanine | 1000mg | 180 Capsules 
I take 3 of these each night. Again, for me, in Australia, I have to wait for them to come from America, but after the first order it's been super quick.

Both these products have replaced the Natural Stacks one at a cheaper price point but just as effective for me.

IF your in England and don't have access to these exact brands look for the therapeutic grade brands. One of my English clients found a therapeutic grade brand as they couldn't find this brand in England.
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Burts Bees Lip Shimmer. As per the video I can't say enough about the healing my super dry lips have experienced from this product. I've literally tried so many products, from the inexpensive to the insane (for me) price point, hoping to get relief from lips that were always dry and the skin didn't stop peeling.

After trying so many products I was super cynical this would work. However, I started with 2 different colours and quickly bought a couple of extra to have on hand because they did work for me. My mouth had gotten to the stage of even the corners were dry and cracked. Desperate I was. Now, I happily apply this every day and my lips are super smooth and healed from many years of cracks. I found it inexpensive to buy to at least try it out. 

I'm actually allergic to peppermint, but the small amount of peppermint in this product did not set off a migraine.

Remember to do your research and trust your gut instinct too around products  that are unknown to you.
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I began using the Aveeno products after trying lower price point products that said they were good for dry skin, and higher price point products that said they'd work too. 

Desperate is where I seem to find the best products for me lol  I use these products for my dry skin on my legs and arms, to stop the itchiness too.

Currently I'm using Aveeno Skin Relief Intense Moisture Hand Cream at my desk and Aveeno Skin Relief 24-Hour Moisturizing Lotion for Sensitive Skin for my bedroom as needed for my arms and legs as they get dry and itchy too.

In Australia I purchase mine from Chemist Warehouse. I've provided links so you can see the products and the product range, plus you can order online if that suits you too.
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Pre workout powder - choose anyone that suits you at your own price point. I go into Chemist Warehouse and simply purchase the one on special. For me, I love how chemist warehouse lets me order online and do the click and collect. This way I scan through what's on special when I need it. Great time saver and great money saver too.

I started using this to help when I wanted to move/exercise and kept falling asleep. I've kept using one as it helps the internal body get moving after years of, well, not moving. I've not found any significant difference in any of the preworkout powders apart from price and the taste. Covid has seen the prices go up, so scout around for a fair price. 
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Olly brand of products is a complete range. I was introduced to them by a client but resisted purchasing as I couldn't buy them easily in Australia. At one point last year I just needed help with some anxiety and came across their Goodbye Stress extra strength and being the cynic and adventurer thought I'd give them a try. For me, they have worked really well. I don't take them often but when I need a one off help with anxiety I take 2-3 tablets and that's the end of the anxiety.

For me, they do come from America. If you're in Australia you might be able to find them at a local health food shop and if not, Amazon do deliver them to your door, because that's how mine arrive!
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